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Shines like gold:)

Don’t you love when you have something sitting around in the way, not wanting to throw it out, but saying, “what the heck! If I mess it up, it can’t get any  worse.”   I had this ugly old orange stool getting passed around from room to room.  Of course having a Texas A & […]

Dirty Pickle-tini

First thoughts from many people? ” Ew, that is so gross.” First thoughts from me? “This might be the most genius drink ever created.” It all started when my mom and I were trying to find the perfect martini recipe. Sweet martinis, sour martinis, and obviously the occasional savory martini. Finding a couple really good recipes, […]

Fried Macaroni and Cheese

Comfort Food! Made Cheesy!!

I love it when my kid’s are craving something yummy and actually want to make it themselves.  So, all those trips to Central Market and Whole Foods to see something different or the “pretty food”  pays off! ( a few of the cooking classes for kids doesn’t hurt either!)  Let’s face it, I have raised a […]