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You have GOT to try these hotdogs!!!πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸŒ­

No words….these Sonoran Hotdogs are


You need to get in your car & go now!!  I would be in so much trouble if they were closer to where I live, but please, bring a trailer to Dripping Springs.

I have to trek all the way across Austin to go get supplies for my baking.  So, I decided I would try a new restaurant or food trailer when I have to make the trip, make it a little more fun.   I stopped at the 5000 BURNET Food Trailer Park.  When I drove up,  I saw a few Trailers I have tried and loved.  I decided this is where I will start on my “home from the supply errand food experience”.  I am going to try them all over again and let you know what I think..or rather taste;),  but I was curious about the Sonoran Hotdogs.   I chose the  T-loc’s Food trailer.  T-loc stands for Tuscon local, which is a perfect name for this Trailer.  The Sonoran Hotdog is a hotdog  which originated in the capital of the Mexican state of Sonora.  Their culture created this perfect experience of a hotdog.  The Sonoran Hotdog is a favorite in southern Arizona in cities such as Tuscon and Phoenix, Arizona.  I am just happy they decided to move here and share this cultural genious of a hotdog!!  Well, I ordered the Sonoran Hotdog, and  I will never be able to look at any ordinary, which this WAS NOT, Hotdog the same again! 

The Sonoran Hotdog consist of  a deliciously baked, steamed bun, a Hotdog wrapped in bacon, beans, tomatoes, raw onions & braised onions, jalapeno sauce, mustard and mayo.   Yum!!  It is perfectly complimented with a grilled white pepper.  The pepper is sooo good!!  They actually have the buns ordered from Tuscon.

It was a very pleasant lunch.  The chef was very informative and was describing the origin of his delicious cuisine.  I will definitely be going back and taking my family to experience this, most definitely the best hotdog I have ever had.



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