Pepper Steak Hand Pies & more🌮🌶❤️

  Pepper Steak as we call it, or rather guessing Carne Guisada, is one of my favorite taco fillings.  If you put steak,(we always use venison backstrap), onions, bell peppers, and a little gravy with a whole lot of flavor it has to be delicious!!!  I thought, how delicious would it be to put that […]

Banana Cream Margaritas 👌❤️🍌

Awe….yes, who would have thought it….Banana Cream Margaritas!  We thought we would give it a try.  How it started was, that I picked up a couple of the little mini bottles of Blue Chair Bay Rum at the liquor store 😉  I couldn’t resist those adorable little bottles.  I chose the flavors Banana Cream and […]

Pomegranates in Margaritas 🍹😍💃

Oh goodness,  you know that yummy quenching taste you get on those taste buds on the back of your tongue.  Blueberry juice definitely does it….& obviously so do Pomegranate Margaritas!! They leave you wanting more, which can be a little dangerous.  I made a batch of these for my husband and I, next time I’ll make […]