First things first… if you are into clean eating COME HERE NOW!!!   When I took my first step into this clean and green piece of heaven my first thoughts were AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN with a hint of Cali {I imagine}. The look and feel of this restaurant has the perfect mixture of city life with the organic and fresh feel which is what the […]

St.Genevieve….A Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch❤️😍🌺

…Perfect lunch date☺️ A GORGEOUS Restaurant… My handsome son and I had a PERFECT Mothers Day Brunch.   I have been anxiously  waiting to visit this gorgeous restaurant. As you can see… it is beautiful.  It was well worth the wait!!   We started off with a carafe of champagne with a flight of four […]

Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee

Being an Austin girl in a Lubbock world was a mighty culture shock. Don’t get me wrong I love Lubbock, TX but a girl gets a little homesick from time to time. Sugar Brown’s coffee shop is the perfect little place to remedy that.       This little rustic piece of heaven is exactly what […]

Let me welcome, A beautiful, sweet new perspective 😍

Let me introduce a new addition to my blog, my beautiful daughter Cassidy❤️. She is going to bring a new, fresh, younger perspective as a writer of the post😊.   I am so excited to see what she will bring.  Thank you sweety!!! I look forward to seeing what you write!!

The. Best. Taco. Salad. In. The.  World. ❤️🌮

If you like Taco Salad, this is a great recipe.  You can make a lot of it and have plenty for leftovers.  It just gets better.  You better have big bowl, you need plenty of room to mix it all up.  This recipe is the “go to” recipe when you are feeding a crowd and want […]

Mad Blue Beer Bread yumminess!!!😍🍻💙

I am a sucker for Beer Bread, not the just kinda sweet Beer Bread, but the sweet, crunchy on top, soaked in butter Beer Bread.  My Mom’s Recipe is delicious!!!  It has just a few ingredients, but it is perfect!!  I thought I would be creative and switch it up a bit.  I added a […]

Sweet and Delicious Thick Blueberry Topping

Blueberries are absolutely good on everything!!  This topping is so easy.  You can put it on toast, on ice cream, in a cocktail, any where you would like a delicious addition of sweetness.  I use this one to create a Blueberry Honey..or not..Butter to spread on top of a thick slice of Wild Blue Beer Bread.  Oh […]

Blueberry Honey…or not…Whipped Butter

Just an easy recipe.  BLUEBERRY BUTTER….can’t you just imagine.  I wanted to change up a Beer Bread Recipe.  So, I had to come up with an equally good butter to put on top!!  Blueberry Butter!!  You can add honey…or not.  I didn’t, but it is delicious either way.  Try it on Wild Blue Beer Bread.  […]