Sandwich Spread🍴😊

Sandwich spreads are an easy fast lunch to have in fridge.  These spreads are delicious.  I often find my family with a spoon, skipping the sandwich part all together, open container in hand, eating the lunch I prepared for ALL of us.  Well, at least I know they like it!!  One is a classic chicken salad […]

Strawberry Blonde Waffles🍓❤️🍺

  I just had to try and make something else delicious with the new Shiner Strawberry Blonde!  I decided to get creative and make some waffles.  These aren’t your ordinary waffles…they have a hint of strawberry, with some cream cheese spread, whipped cream and fresh strawberries!!  YUM!!  Actually they are more like dessert, or brunch.  […]

Bean dip Burritos🙌❤️

You know when you eat something and it immediately takes you back?  These burritos do just that for me.  My mom used to make these when I was in highschool, a looooong time ago.  The not so secret ingredient is Bean Dip in a can, the kind you get on the chip aisle.  You can […]

Cheesy..everything… Queso…YES💃😍

Awwweeee….yessss…..Queso!! and better than that, Queso with Axis burger!!  If you make burritos, tacos, or something else and have leftover meat,  ADD IT TO YOUR QUESO!!!  It’s like a nacho in one.  Queso is Guacomole’s inseparable cousin.  They go everywhere together.  You just can’t have one without the other.  If I don’t have the makings […]

Chunky Guacamole…yes a staple in my house👌🍴

Oh Yeah, what doesn’t go with Guacamole??  Almost, Absolutely Nothing!!  To be fair, we actually eat Mexican Food maybe 3 times a week.  Shame on me, I am addicted.  So Guacamole is actually a staple in our house.  A lot of you are probably thinking, who needs a recipe for Guacamole?  Well, there are actually […]

Strawberry Blonde Beer Margaritas❤️🍓

  Beer Margaritas!!  A loooong time ago, we used to make these in college.  Yes, we had beer that long ago.  Beer Margaritas have a slightly differently taste, but I like ’em!!  They are easy to stir up and they are refreshing and easy to drink.  I am not a very fast beer drinker.  I […]

Sunshine in a glass….☀️🍊

Yum!!!  Frozen Screwdrivers are absolutely delicious.  They are healthy too, right??!!  Of course they are healthy.  Growing up, the blender would come out and I remember the grown-ups, my grandfather, or rather,  Papaw,  would blend up a batch of Frozen Screwdrivers.  Who would of thought he was so before his time.  He was of course […]

Avocado Jalapeño Cream Sauce

This sauce is perfect to dollup on top of a taco or enchiladas.  It has the consistency of sour cream and is perfect if you want the flavor of Avocados without having a full blown Guacamole.   

Cheesy Beef Enchiladas😌👊

If you want to talk childhood favorites, THIS is at the top of the list!!  I promised you a recipe and this is a good one. I am not quiet sure who my mom or grandma got this recipe from but I am sure glad they did.  These are Authentic enchiladas, homemade, and not quiet […]

A little Cream Cheese with that Bacon, Pepper Sandwich😳❤️ please….

Yes, what can get better than Cream Cheese, Bacon, & Bell Peppers…. on…. a sandwich?  I am a sandwich person.  I like just about anything you can put on two slices of bread or toast. This sandwich spread is a personal favorite because it reminds me of my mom and my grandma:)  This is an old […]