Cilantro Lime Coleslaw

I had to try a spin on our usual Coleslaw recipe.   Instead of vinegar, I added lime juice.  I think I actually like it better  it gives it a little bite. 

Lemony Lemon Drop!!

Lemon,  sooooo refreshing, and I love me some Lemon Deep Eddys Vodka .  Lemon Drops are so tasty, you have to really, purposely, slow it down while you sip.  They are also a perfect drink to add different flavors.  My favorite flavor to add is Cherry, just a little syrup floater and you have a really pretty cocktail.  

Mexican Martini, fa-vor-ite!!!!

THERE. ARE. NO. WORDS.  Is it obvious that I love this drink??  Just look at the logo;) This is a fantastic Margarita, technically, a Dirty Margarita.  That’s right, I said Dirty Margarita;)  They go down smooth and they are a little dangerous.       

Shines like gold:)

Don’t you love when you have something sitting around in the way, not wanting to throw it out, but saying, “what the heck! If I mess it up, it can’t get any  worse.”   I had this ugly old orange stool getting passed around from room to room.  Of course having a Texas A & […]