Pepper Steak Hand Pies & more🌮🌶❤️

  Pepper Steak as we call it, or rather guessing Carne Guisada, is one of my favorite taco fillings.  If you put steak,(we always use venison backstrap), onions, bell peppers, and a little gravy with a whole lot of flavor it has to be delicious!!!  I thought, how delicious would it be to put that […]

The. Best. Taco. Salad. In. The.  World. ❤️🌮

If you like Taco Salad, this is a great recipe.  You can make a lot of it and have plenty for leftovers.  It just gets better.  You better have big bowl, you need plenty of room to mix it all up.  This recipe is the “go to” recipe when you are feeding a crowd and want […]

Bean dip Burritos🙌❤️

You know when you eat something and it immediately takes you back?  These burritos do just that for me.  My mom used to make these when I was in highschool, a looooong time ago.  The not so secret ingredient is Bean Dip in a can, the kind you get on the chip aisle.  You can […]

Cheesy Beef Enchiladas😌👊

If you want to talk childhood favorites, THIS is at the top of the list!!  I promised you a recipe and this is a good one. I am not quiet sure who my mom or grandma got this recipe from but I am sure glad they did.  These are Authentic enchiladas, homemade, and not quiet […]