Migas for Breeeeaaaakfassst🌶😍❤️

  This, is my go-to breakfast. We all love it, it is easy and delicious, & I always have the ingredients on hand.  Of course I do, we eat Mexican food at least twice a week.  Yep, we are addicted to it.  I am not quiet sure if my recipe is the traditional, proper Migas, but, […]

Mad Blue Beer Bread yumminess!!!😍🍻💙

I am a sucker for Beer Bread, not the just kinda sweet Beer Bread, but the sweet, crunchy on top, soaked in butter Beer Bread.  My Mom’s Recipe is delicious!!!  It has just a few ingredients, but it is perfect!!  I thought I would be creative and switch it up a bit.  I added a […]

Strawberry Blonde Waffles🍓❤️🍺

  I just had to try and make something else delicious with the new Shiner Strawberry Blonde!  I decided to get creative and make some waffles.  These aren’t your ordinary waffles…they have a hint of strawberry, with some cream cheese spread, whipped cream and fresh strawberries!!  YUM!!  Actually they are more like dessert, or brunch.  […]

Blueberry & Axis Breakfast 🌞

It’s a cozy, stormy, rainy day morning.  What is better than making Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes and Axis smoked cheddar,  sausage…..yum!!  The only problem is not eating all the most wonderful sausage before I get the pancakes finished.  The husband is a bit faster than me at grilling the sausage.  I tend to procrastinate.  I have […]