Frozen Tipsy Coffee👊🍨☕️

  I love using my Cuisinart Ice Cream Freezer!!  If you go outside the box, you can create all kind of yummy desserts…..or cocktails….frozen cocktails:)  How can you go wrong with Frozen Coffee, especially Frozen Tipsy Coffee??  Yum!!                   I saw this Grady’s Cold Brew, New Orleans Style Coffee […]

Strawberry muddled vodka😍🍓👌

Who doesn’t like a red, ripe, delicious strawberry??? Oh my, a little lemon vodka, muddled strawberries, YUM!!!  If you would like a light and refreshing drink, try this one.  It is super good.  Sometimes you need a light and delicious cocktail.  It is very pretty while you drink it also:)     

Banana Cream Margaritas 👌❤️🍌

Awe….yes, who would have thought it….Banana Cream Margaritas!  We thought we would give it a try.  How it started was, that I picked up a couple of the little mini bottles of Blue Chair Bay Rum at the liquor store 😉  I couldn’t resist those adorable little bottles.  I chose the flavors Banana Cream and […]

Pomegranates in Margaritas 🍹😍💃

Oh goodness,  you know that yummy quenching taste you get on those taste buds on the back of your tongue.  Blueberry juice definitely does it….& obviously so do Pomegranate Margaritas!! They leave you wanting more, which can be a little dangerous.  I made a batch of these for my husband and I, next time I’ll make […]

Strawberry Blonde Beer Margaritas❤️🍓

  Beer Margaritas!!  A loooong time ago, we used to make these in college.  Yes, we had beer that long ago.  Beer Margaritas have a slightly differently taste, but I like ’em!!  They are easy to stir up and they are refreshing and easy to drink.  I am not a very fast beer drinker.  I […]

Sunshine in a glass….☀️🍊

Yum!!!  Frozen Screwdrivers are absolutely delicious.  They are healthy too, right??!!  Of course they are healthy.  Growing up, the blender would come out and I remember the grown-ups, my grandfather, or rather,  Papaw,  would blend up a batch of Frozen Screwdrivers.  Who would of thought he was so before his time.  He was of course […]

Bbbbb-bluuueberry Daiquiris😋💙

Blueberries,     &,     Daiquiris…….nothing is  quiet as sweet on the back of your tongue and quenches your thirst for the slightly sweet, yet sour, as blueberry does in a cocktail.  Daiquiris are soooo simple to make.  They are so delicious.  You can add any fruit you would like to change the flavor to suit your fancy.  It […]

Mexican Watermelon Margaritas!!🍉😍 Olé!!!

Watermelon is perfect, perfectly sweet, perfectly healthy, and totally perfectly consumable and perfectly perfect to the last beautiful bite.  Two of my favorite indulgences, Margaritas-straight up!!- Mexican Martini style and WATERMELON 😍.   Why not combine The two…perfectly perfect😉   Of course, it couldn’t happen without Tsamma Watermelon Juice and Altos 100% Agave Tequila.  Yes, it is […]

Mmmm….Cherry Liquer Drinks….Delish!!

I love to play with different flavors of cocktails.  I do believe I found another favorite liqueur, Heerings Cherry Liquer!!!  Soooo naturally deliciously cherry.  My favorite soda as a child of course was a Sweet Cherry Lime:), or a Shirley Temple.  The more sweet cherry syrup the better.  So what is better than a childhood favorite?  Why […]