Mad Blue Beer Bread yumminess!!!😍🍻💙

I am a sucker for Beer Bread, not the just kinda sweet Beer Bread, but the sweet, crunchy on top, soaked in butter Beer Bread.  My Mom’s Recipe is delicious!!!  It has just a few ingredients, but it is perfect!!  I thought I would be creative and switch it up a bit.  I added a […]

Chunky Guacamole…yes a staple in my house👌🍴

Oh Yeah, what doesn’t go with Guacamole??  Almost, Absolutely Nothing!!  To be fair, we actually eat Mexican Food maybe 3 times a week.  Shame on me, I am addicted.  So Guacamole is actually a staple in our house.  A lot of you are probably thinking, who needs a recipe for Guacamole?  Well, there are actually […]

Avocado Jalapeño Cream Sauce

This sauce is perfect to dollup on top of a taco or enchiladas.  It has the consistency of sour cream and is perfect if you want the flavor of Avocados without having a full blown Guacamole.   

Cilantro Lime Coleslaw

I had to try a spin on our usual Coleslaw recipe.   Instead of vinegar, I added lime juice.  I think I actually like it better  it gives it a little bite.