Almond butter cookies

Eeeeeeverybody likes a peanut butter Cookie!!!  Well, we were out of peanut butter.  I had some organic Almond butter in the pantry just waiting on me to take a chance on it.  So, I made Almond Butter Cookies.  They had a different texture and were a little chewy, but, they are good.  I made them a […]

Easy breezy simple simple simple….Peanut Butter Cookies😍

Who doesn’t love a soft, Peanut Butter Cookie!!?! Peanut Butter Cookies are soooo freakin’ good, very versatile with add ins/ons, and,  insanely easy to make…. Spoon, Bowl, Ingredients, Sheet pan…..SO easy to make.  You can roll them in chocolate jimmies, dip them in chocolate-my favorite,  make a thumbprint cookie, or stick a Hershey’s kiss in the […]