Mexican Watermelon Margaritas!!🍉😍 Olé!!!

Watermelon is perfect, perfectly sweet, perfectly healthy, and totally perfectly consumable and perfectly perfect to the last beautiful bite.  Two of my favorite indulgences, Margaritas-straight up!!- Mexican Martini style and WATERMELON 😍.   Why not combine The two…perfectly perfect😉   Of course, it couldn’t happen without Tsamma Watermelon Juice and Altos 100% Agave Tequila.  Yes, it is […]

Mmmm….Cherry Liquer Drinks….Delish!!

I love to play with different flavors of cocktails.  I do believe I found another favorite liqueur, Heerings Cherry Liquer!!!  Soooo naturally deliciously cherry.  My favorite soda as a child of course was a Sweet Cherry Lime:), or a Shirley Temple.  The more sweet cherry syrup the better.  So what is better than a childhood favorite?  Why […]

Lemony Lemon Drop!!

Lemon,  sooooo refreshing, and I love me some Lemon Deep Eddys Vodka .  Lemon Drops are so tasty, you have to really, purposely, slow it down while you sip.  They are also a perfect drink to add different flavors.  My favorite flavor to add is Cherry, just a little syrup floater and you have a really pretty cocktail.  

Mexican Martini, fa-vor-ite!!!!

THERE. ARE. NO. WORDS.  Is it obvious that I love this drink??  Just look at the logo;) This is a fantastic Margarita, technically, a Dirty Margarita.  That’s right, I said Dirty Margarita;)  They go down smooth and they are a little dangerous.       

Dirty Pickle-tini

First thoughts from many people? ” Ew, that is so gross.” First thoughts from me? “This might be the most genius drink ever created.” It all started when my mom and I were trying to find the perfect martini recipe. Sweet martinis, sour martinis, and obviously the occasional savory martini. Finding a couple really good recipes, […]

Pina Tini

  This Drink will add a bit of class to any party.  If you like Pina Coladas, you will love this one.  The recipe below is easy and refreshing.  Enjoy!