Mango Keylime Pie….heaven 🍽💚

Mango, Keylime Pie….yes, this is heaven… Combining the yumminess of a creamy, deliciousness of a Keylime Pie & the perfect flavor of a Mango!!?!!  Yes!  I do love this combo.  I had to try making this and I can foresee a few other flavors in the near future….Coconut….Banana…. I ‘ll have to check out these… Read More Mango Keylime Pie….heaven 🍽💚

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Shishito Peppers are ALWAYS good!!!

  THESE are just wonderful.  So SO EASY.  AND  I. AM.  ADDICTED!! You just have to try them, that is all I can say. Just go ahead and do it.  You won’t regret it:) I get mine at Trader Joes.  I am becoming quiet the lover of  Trader Joes lately.  It seems everytime I go there, I… Read More Shishito Peppers are ALWAYS good!!!

Cocktails, ice cream freezer creation

Frozen Tipsy Coffee👊🍨☕️

  I love using my Cuisinart Ice Cream Freezer!!  If you go outside the box, you can create all kind of yummy desserts…..or cocktails….frozen cocktails:)  How can you go wrong with Frozen Coffee, especially Frozen Tipsy Coffee??  Yum!!                   I saw this Grady’s Cold Brew, New Orleans Style Coffee… Read More Frozen Tipsy Coffee👊🍨☕️

appetizers, chick flick food

Oh my….Bruschetta, cheesy❤️….enough said….

    What comes to mind when you think comfort food?  Actually I am not talking about your traditional Mac & Cheese comfort food, but an actual experience, memory or total get in your p.j’s, put the movie on, and fix their food they are eating in the movie.    Yes, my daughter and I… Read More Oh my….Bruschetta, cheesy❤️….enough said….


Migas for Breeeeaaaakfassst🌶😍❤️

  This, is my go-to breakfast. We all love it, it is easy and delicious, & I always have the ingredients on hand.  Of course I do, we eat Mexican food at least twice a week.  Yep, we are addicted to it.  I am not quiet sure if my recipe is the traditional, proper Migas, but,… Read More Migas for Breeeeaaaakfassst🌶😍❤️

Food Trucks

You have GOT to try these hotdogs!!!😍👊🌭

No words….these Sonoran Hotdogs are A-MAZ-ING!! You need to get in your car & go now!!  I would be in so much trouble if they were closer to where I live, but please, bring a trailer to Dripping Springs. I have to trek all the way across Austin to go get supplies for my baking.  So,… Read More You have GOT to try these hotdogs!!!😍👊🌭

Cookies, Easy Breazy

Almond butter cookies

Eeeeeeverybody likes a peanut butter Cookie!!!  Well, we were out of peanut butter.  I had some organic Almond butter in the pantry just waiting on me to take a chance on it.  So, I made Almond Butter Cookies.  They had a different texture and were a little chewy, but, they are good.  I made them a… Read More Almond butter cookies


Strawberry muddled vodka😍🍓👌

Who doesn’t like a red, ripe, delicious strawberry??? Oh my, a little lemon vodka, muddled strawberries, YUM!!!  If you would like a light and refreshing drink, try this one.  It is super good.  Sometimes you need a light and delicious cocktail.  It is very pretty while you drink it also:)     

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Balsamic reduction…..simple and heavenly😌

Simply….Heavenly, so many delicious uses Balsamic vinegar is wonderful.   You can dress up so many dishes, desserts,  salads…   I think I could simply drink it.  I will leave you with this easy recipe.  Have fun experimenting with its goodness.